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Three in Three


A lot can happen in 3 years…

A lot can change in 3 months…

What could happen if you

…if we

…were to just explore Jesus for 3 months.  What if you could ask--or re-ask the question: who is Jesus really?  What did he come to do?  How did this one man in first century Israel change the history of the world?  How can He still change your world?

Undoubtedly, you probably have some thoughts about Jesus already. Pretty much everybody does.  But, often times, our picture of Jesus is shaped predominately by our own experience.  We look at Him through the lens shaped over time from many different sources we’ve been exposed to.  While that’s normal, it’s also sometimes misleading.  In the end, we often get a collage of Jesus.  One that we’ve constructed through TV shows, sermons, relationships, teachers…our own imagination. 

The result is a cardboard cutout Jesus much like we would ask a child to make in art class.  A little of this.  Some of that.  In the end, this Jesus is our own Jesus, one that fits our desires.  But with that there’s another problem.  This Jesus can’t really challenge you. Can’t really change you.  Ultimately, can’t help you.  Why? Because he’s not the real Jesus. He’s the Jesus YOU assembled. 

So the question becomes, “How then can we really see the real Jesus?  Counterintuitively perhaps, the best place to start to get that answer is not actually with us and where we are in 2018.  Not with you right now

…not you in your situation

…not you with your circumstances

…not you in your town, Rather to start with Jesus in His.  On top of that, to begin with the people who first encountered Him. To truly see  Him as they saw him.  To hear what they heard.  To experience what they experienced.  How would they have seen and understood, or misunderstood, Jesus.  

Only then can we clearly see how who He changes things today.  

So, what if we simplified everything?  What if we started at the beginning?  As a matter of fact, what if all we had to shape our understanding of Jesus was the very first written account.  How would that Jesus look?  What would His coming mean?  How would it change the way we see God

…our world


I invite you into a world that in many ways was different from our own but with striking similarities.  A world broken.  A people looking for answers.  A religion that seemed repetitive.  And a God who broke in and broke all the rules.  

What could happen if you devoted the next 3 months to just 3 years of His life?

3 in 3.

I’m not sure.  Let’s find out.