grateful //

We are forever grateful for the rich and faithful heritage of those who have gone before us. Journey Church was born out of the college ministry of our sending church, Central Baptist Church of Jonesboro, Arkansas, a healthy, vibrant Southern Baptist church of over eighty years. The legacy of faith passed down to us is one of a long obedience in the same direction, empowered by the Holy Spirit and led by the Lord Jesus, of which many of us are direct fruit, and which has made an indelible mark on our community and on our globe, Journey being just one very small example. We would not exist but for the faithful obedience of godly men and women of this church, who sacrificially gave of their resources and their lives to continue a movement of multiplication for the glory of God.

autonomous //

Journey was planted, however, as an autonomous church, and as so we hold our gratitude and respect for those who have gone before us in balance with abhorrence of the Southern Baptist history of racism and mistreatment of women. As a church family we are committed to racial reconciliation as an essential expression of the Gospel, and to opening doors for women in leadership and ministry. We continue partnering with the Southern Baptist Convention—recognizing it as a human-formed network of autonomous churches—due to the current evidence of genuine confession and repentance of these unacceptable sins, and a commitment by current SBC leadership to actively redirect in these areas.

partner //

Journey’s vision to continue a movement of multiplication for the glory of God will only be accomplished as we reach outside our walls and link arms with partners working toward the same goal across our city, across our nation, and across the globe. We actively partner with other local churches of various denominations, with the SEND Church Planting Network, with the North American Mission Board, and with the International Mission Board to proclaim the Gospel through evangelism and church planting and to demonstrate the Gospel through compassion and care for the marginalized and poor. We believe these partnerships help us to fulfill the Great Commission and be a blessing to all people on earth in ways beyond what we could do alone.