Journey Groups Childcare

We believe life is better connected.

That’s why it’s our joy to pay for childcare costs incurred in order to allow YOU the chance to experience consistent, life-giving community in a Journey Group! Just secure your own favorite babysitter, and submit the Childcare Reimbursement Form below once a month!

Name (Reimbursement Payable To) *
Name (Reimbursement Payable To)
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JG Meeting 1
JG Meeting 1
Please submit one form per month. List all dates you used childcare for Journey Group this month. Leave blank if less than four dates.
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JG Meeting 2
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JG Meeting 3
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JG Meeting 4

Journey Groups Childcare Reimbursement Policy:

Because we believe the best environment for pursuing a growing relationship with Christ is a Journey Group, childcare reimbursement is provided for all parents participating in a Journey Group. 

Reimbursement Process: 

1‐  Select your own babysitter for the date and time you’ll be at Journey Group. 

2‐  Complete a Journey Groups Childcare form online.

3‐  Requests will be processed and reimbursement checks mailed by the 12th of the following month.

Things to Remember: 

  • Please submit only one request for each month.

  • Requests must be submitted within 40 days of the first meeting of the month.

  • Requests will be processed by the 12th of the following month. 

Reimbursement Rate:

Reimbursement is limited to 2 hours per meeting. (Journey Group meetings are 1.5 hours in length. The 2 hour time allotted allows for drive time to and from group location, as well as communication time with babysitter.)

Below is breakdown of childcare costs:

of children               2 Hours of Care

1                                              14.00 

2                                              15.00 

3                                              16.00 

4                                              17.00 

Questions about Journey Groups or our Childcare Reimbursement Policy? Contact us today!