Our Past

College students are a pretty big deal here. In fact, Journey started over eleven years ago with a group of about forty college students who gathered to worship loudly and dig into God’s Word deeply every week. Because they caught the vision of multiplication and answered the call to reach those the church has not yet reached, hundreds of people have come to know Jesus, and Journey Church exists today.

So while many things have changed over the past eleven years, one never will: Journey loves college students.

Our Present

Look around anywhere at Journey and you’ll see college students serving, leading, and teaching. Our vision is continue a movement of multiplication for the glory of God, and our college students are making it happen every. single. day.

Our Future

We don’t know your plan for after college. We don’t know what “success” means for you.

But what we do know is that success for Journey will always be measured by our sending capacity, not our seating capacity.

And if you’re up for it, we’d like to send you…

Our Dream is YOU.

INTERESTED IN SPRING BREAK/SUMMER TRIPS OR CHURCH PLANTING? Contact us today to talk to a member of our team!